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Mr. & Mrs. Galbraith

Man... where do I even start with these two amazing people!!!! Mel and I have known each other for years now, actually through competing in pageantry! She reached out to me in 2020 about shooting her wedding day and I was absolutely THRILLED! I had always thought she was the sweetest person and could not believe that she actually wanted me to shoot her special day. She had picked a date for September of 2021! I was so excited and truly could not wait for her day to get here. Now a little more of a backstory on this couple is that her now husband, Andrew, is from Australia! So Mel had been living there for a while and little did we know, COVID would put a wrench in their travel plans to make it back to the U.S. for their wedding date!

Because of COVID -19, Andrew and Melanie had to change their date to September of 2023! I was so thankful that we were able to reschedule and everything was going to work out for us! The day FINALLY came after all of this planning and it was nothing short of amazing. I fell in love with Mel's family, and Andrew is one of the funniest people I had ever met. I commented on HIS accent, and he commented right back on MINE.. hahaha. He made the day go by so fast with all of his funny jokes and phrases! Mel was the most stunning bride in her beautiful dress. It was truly a magical day that had come and gone too quickly! The venue was also absolutely stunning! It was called Grandview Lookout Mountain which is in Georgia, right beside of Rock City! Below are some of my favorite photos from the Galbraith Wedding!

The Vendors

Makeup: @rcesthics_


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